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the 5-2 victory. the orioles and red sox. mark worrell back in. this bounces off the wall. two runs score. boston scores eight runs in the eighth. they go on to beat the orioles 15-10. plenty ahead. weather, traffic and all your top stories. fox 5 morning news continues right now. let's take a look outside this morning. we have a morning for you as we look over northwest d.c. warning for you to conserve energy during had heat wave. the company says the heat can put a strain on the electrical equipment. they say the supply should be able to meet the demand. use and collect fan, turn off nonessential appliances and postpone the use of high hj other pliepss until the evening when it may cool off a little
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bit. thank you for being with us. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm westdom martin. -- postpone the use of high- energy appliances until the evening when it may cool off a little bit. thank you for being with us. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm wisdom martin. >> some thunderstorms off to the north and west this morning. let's take a look at the satellite-radar composite. we'll show you that first. you will see what we're talking about. they are well off to the north and west as you see there. some thunderstorm activity, some showers coming through western portions of maryland, extreme western or southwestern pennsylvania we'll say and that may track through portions of our viewing area primarily off to the west. we'll keep our eyes on it. the rest of the area is precipitation-free. it is 80 degrees right now.
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wind are out of the southwest at seven miles per hour. your forecast for today, hazy, hot and humid. you know the routine. maybe some thunderstorms later on this afternoon and this evening. look for a high today once again into the mid-90s. more details in just a bit. >> lets talk about the roads now. appear accident involving a montgomery county police cruiser is still having a huge impact on route 29 commuters in silver spring. it happened just before midnight at the intersection of colesville road and sligo creek parkway. we are told the officer was responding to a call when the cruiser collided with another car. both drivers were taken to the hospital with nonlife- threatening injuries. officials expect route 29 to be shut down in both directions until at least 7:00 in the morning. very busy day on the roads as well. >> let's check in with lauren demarco to nooned -- to find out what is happening out there. >> if you are traveling inside
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the beltway, this will affect you on 29 29 colesville road. if you are traveling into silver spring, you want to stick with georgia avenue as your best bet. beltway in virginia looks good. we had the cop instruction overnight at 395. that has wrapped up so you should be all clear. in frederick, 340 eastbound before 17, your leap are blocked and expect it to be so until at least 5:30 this morning so for next half hour, westbound lane is also blocked. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. in the developing phone hack scandal in britain, all eyes will be on the particle meantery hearing later this morning when rupe are the murdoch gives his testimony.
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he is not the only one. his son james murdoch and rebecca brooks also will testify before parliament this morning. news of the testimony sent news corp. stock plunging throughout the week. nip who checked yop line for t he -- anyone who checked online was redirected to a site talking about rupert's body being found in his garden. sherry ly has details on some crimes. >> reporter: the guardian angels will be out here on
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patrol. just yesterday, a man entering the trail here at 8th and edgewood was robbed at gunpoint. the rash of crimes began in may with five incidents along the metropolitan branch trail. police did make an arrest in june but then in july, another spike. yesterday, a man on a bike spoted a young man hanging around the trail. as he passed, the suspect pulled out the gun. he got the victim's wallet and two cell phones. this follows two other robberies in less than two weeks. some who use the trail say it can be isolated and they have their own ideas on how to defend themselves. >> kind of thinking where would you go. really nowhere to run. >> if they reach for you, hit them full on with the entire bike, hurt them with your weight and the bike. >> reporter: in one of the earlier cases, the suspect pulled out a taser and on friday, in that robbery, the suspect asked the victim what time it was and then pulled out
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the gun. the guardian angels have already been patrolling the trail twice a week in the morning and evening when the crimes have occurred. they will be out here from 6:00 to 9:00 this morning. when you have a trail this long, there is just no way to cover it all. >> thank you. d.c. police still searching for the gunman who opened fire on a busy street. the chaos broke out just before noon yesterday on martin luther king, jr. avenue. witnesses say two men were horsing around in front ever a pizza place and one of them left, came back with the gun and shot the victim several times. the gunman took off. the victim is expected it survive. in the debate over increasing the nation's credit limit, the senate continues working on a backup plan. white house republican leaders are giving the tea party a chance to do things its way. the house is holding a vote
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that song you are listening to, that was don't panic by the british alternative rock band coldplay. the astronauts prepared for the shuttle atlantis' undocking a couple hours ago and are getting ready for the final shuttle mission to return to earth. we'll carry the landing live here on fox 5 news on thursday
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morning. a follow-up to a fox 5 investigation. last week, we showed you this video from our sister station in detroit. chrysler has now announced nine employees seen in that video are suspended without pay. they could be fired after the company's investigation is complete. this follows a similar incident caught on camera last fall. thirteen workers were later fired. borders says it will liquidate all of its remaining bookstores. a bidding deadline passed over the won without any offers to buy the bankrupt bookstore chain. there are some 400 border stores still standing. as the mercury continues to rise, more is taking steps to make sure passengers stay safe during this heat wave. up next, details of what metro's supervisors have authorized. plus, beware of bear. details of what woman in our
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area spotted in her backyard. also coming up, we'll let you know what is happening with today's weather forecast. it will be hot and we'll take a look at traffic as well. stay with us, please. fox 5 morning news will be right back. ♪ [ female announcer ] sweet honey taste.
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we take a look at the washington monument there front and cent are on this tuesday morning. going to be a hot one again today, folks. temperatures well up into the 90s. here is what happened on live tv. this turned into a fought latches at the start of the morning newscast in san diego. >> good morning. i'm haming out with my friend, john. fox 5 morning news starts. >> it starts right now. yeah, that wasn't planned but he later redeemed himself.
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he was supposed to take out. he belly flopped equipment and all into the water. the man later redeemed himself. he probably even wanted to fly away even farther after that happened. at least he didn't peak the reporter into the water. >> that would have been interesting had the reporter gone in with him. >> note a good start to the show. >> that is classic. >> mod were technology. >> only goes so far. >> that's correct. >> always an adventure when you are dealing with live tv. >> that is the case. >> we are getting off to a warm start today. it is 80 degrees in the nation's capital. you know where we're headed. today, tomorrow, won't be the warmest days. the warmest days will be coming at the end of this week. let's take a look at yesterday's highs across the region. we were in the 1r0 as expected. we made it up to 93 degrees. also 93 at dulles international. -- we were in the 90s as expected. current temperatures around the
5:17 am
region, in d.c., right now, 80 degrees. 73 in leonardtown. dulles airport at 75-degree. manassas, 72 degrees at this hour. -- dulles airport at 75 degrees. we do have a few cloud out here this morning. so yesterday, we had clear skies for the most part. we do have some clouds coming through. we put it into motion. there is some rain activity, some thunderstorm activity as well. you can see by the tracking that that is sinking southeastward but it should remain south and west of washington, d.c. and the beltway and inside the beltway. some of it may hang together and impact some of our viewers out to the west. we'll keep watching this during the course of the morning. your forecast for today, say it along with me, partly sunny, hot and humid, afternoon
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scattered thunderstorms are possible. 94-degree 94degrees for your high today. tonight, scattered showers and thunderstorms a possibility. 78-degree for your overnight low. and then for your five-day forecast, tomorrow, another warm one, 93 degrees. very hot weather for thursday, friday and saturday with highs each of those days right around 100 degrees or higher. that is a look at what is happen with the weather. now, let's find out what is happening with traffic with lauren demarco. >> right now, we are dealing with a couple of incidents out there. we have a new wreck reported 97 near route 100. that is not this this camera angle but it is reported in the southbound direction, 97 southbound just prior to route 100 so do watch for that
5:19 am
traveling out of the baltimore area. in silver spring, colesville road between franklin avenue and sligo creek parkway. do watch for that just up side the beltway. seeing some volume build through rockville down toward the split. 66 hooks good out of manassas. no problems leaving 50 fair oaks. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. fox 5 is monitoring metro as the transit agency prepares for the extreme heat this week. overtime has been approved for elevator and escalator crews to fan out across the system so they can rush to any problem. plus maintenance crews are focusing on so-called hot cars
5:20 am
and track inspectors will be deplied to make sure the rail are safe -- deployed to make sure the rails are safe. >> looking out for heat kinks. we'll be doing that any time of temperature is over 90 degrees. >> we would consider a hot car a health issue. we want to take those out of service. >> at last check, metro is reporting 139 of its 588 escalators are out of service this morning and nine of 237 elevators are under repair. a black bear showed up in a virginia neighborhood and neighbors are a little scared. the bear wandered into the backyard of a mclean home owner. ann mitchell took pictures of it off her back deck. >> i was thinking how can we have a bear in mclean in my backyard. then i thought there are kids in the neighborhood.
5:21 am
i was scared. >> at first, i was wondering about it but i know that black bears are not going for attack. they usually stay clear of people. so as long as i stay clear of him, i think it's all right. >> it is actually not unusual to see black bears coming out of the woods this time of year although experts say don't try to approach them. they say they'll usually continue to move on on their own through the area and they are typically just looking for food. it is the end of an era for nasa and one man from our area will be watching with some extra special interest as the shuttle touches down for the last time. that is up next on fox 5 morning news. sorry. i wasn't paying attention. i was busy tweeting. meet a man who will be tweeting and paying attention. he is from maryland and he will have a front row seat to history. ♪
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soy ate space shuttle has left the international space station for the last time. atlantis undocked early this morning. the shuttle atlantis crew of four is due back on earth thursday. their florida home coming will mark the end of nasa's 30-year shuttle program. atlantis left behind a year's worth of supplies as well as a smelltive shuttle model and a u.s. flag that flew on the first shuttle mission in 1981. one man from our area will be amok those watching the
5:25 am
shuttle landing in person. registered for the chance on nasa's web site and he was chosen. beth parker shows us how you can be a part of it all too. >> the news from nasa rocketed into his life in an e-mail. >> you have been selected from the waiting list. >> reporter: ching yu is an army reservist, a twitter fanatic. >> did you tweet that you are sitting here with me. >> no. >> we've actually done. this we've tweeted each other just like this. >> pretty romantic, huh? >> no eye contact, nothing. >> is that working out for you? >> it will be 16 years in september. >> reporter: ching yu is among the 50 people chosen randomly by nasa to tweet up. >> i typed as fast as i could,
5:26 am
save me a seat. >> reporter: that means he will be tweeting from a front row seat at the final shuttle landing at the kennedy space center in florida. >> i am counting the hours. i keep getting notifications that your flight is coming up soon. >> reporter: he is excited about hearing a sonic boom. he is excited about tweeting. he doesn't have a great camera for the launch. get where he got help with that. >> i friend of mine, actually on twitter, said take my nikon. >> reporter: he will fly to orlando wednesday night. he figures he will be tired but not too tired for his eyes to be watching and his fingers typing. beg parker, fox 5 news. >> if you would like to follow ching yu or if you want to
5:27 am
follow beth for that matter, visit our web site and you can follow us. we are following new developments in the british phone hacking scandal. response to rumors about rupert murdoch's future. there has been a rash of crime along the metropolitan branch trail. just yesterday, another robbery. now, what is being done to protect people and stop the crimes. 
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it is tuesday morning, july 19th and the temperature is already pushing a scorcher and only going to get hotter today. 84degrees, tony. >> is that right? have we gone up to 84? >> all right. well, it's 80. close. >> a warm start to the day. we have a few clouds moving through. cloudy conditions, some rain well off to the north and west in western maryland and thunderstorm activity as we look at sentinel radar. we will continue to see that push southward. i don't think it will come through the washington area but some of our sewers well out to the west might see this a
5:31 am
little bit later on. here is a look at the current temperatures. 80degrees is what it is. winchester at 77. ocean city at 78. your forecast for today, hazy, hot and humid. more details coming up in just a little bit. >> thank you. we do want to let you know about an overnight accident that involved a montgomery county police cruiser still causing some problems on route 29 in silver spring. it happened just before midnight at the intersection of colesville road and sligo creek parkway. the cruiser collided with another car. both drivers tape to the ospita- threatening injuries. let's head over to lauren demarco for more. >> we are also dealing with a crash southbound 97 at route
5:32 am
100. that has moved off to the shoulder. so your through lanes should be open. no significant delay reported there. 95 and the bw parkway running well between beltways in maryland. we'll start off with 95 in virginia. as you head northbound, we are seeing the volume build heading across the occoquan river making the trip up toward lorton. newing to be to springfield, you are running at speed. 395, no problems to report from the beltway past edsall road to the 14th street bridge. you are running incident and accident and free. the beltway looks good in virginia and maryland. you will be on the brakes as volume begins to build. right now, you are running pretty close to speed. the wreck we were talking about, colville road is shut down between franklin avenue and sligo creek parkway. will be for some time into the morning rausch rush because of that accident just inside the beltway in silver spring. that's a check of your fox 5
5:33 am
on-time traffic. in the developing british phone hacking scandal, rupert murdoch's job as news corp. ceo is safe. he and his son are due to testify before british lawmakers this morning in the phone hacking scandal rocking britain. yesterday, the body of the reporter who first blew the whistle on the scandal was found but investigators say death does not look suspicious. also yesterday, a second top london police chief resigned. stepped up security on the metropolitan branch trail after a rash of robberies and assaults over the last couple of months. sherry ly live with the latest
5:34 am
developments. >> reporter: this suspect uses a variety of things to stop people. a bike irwas robbed at gunpoint yesterday. this is the third robbery in just over a week on the metropolitan branch trail. it comes on the heels of a rash of crimes between may and june when five incidents were reported. yesterday, the suspect pulled a gunpoint on a man as he passed by on a bike. he got away with the victim's wallet and two cell phones. police did make an arrest back in june and the crimes stopped but then spiked again this month. now, guardian angels will be out patrolling the trail this morning and warning people to beware. >> look out for anything suspicious. if you see anything suspicious, just report it like we do. just you see a complete stranger with a bag or something that comes up and asks you for advice, keep a safe distance away from him. just keep your safe distance from anybody that you don't know that is trying to ask you
5:35 am
any questions. >> reporter: on friday, another man was robbed at gunpoint when the suspect asked for the time. all of these crimes have happened in the early morning or in the late evening hours. the guardian angels have been patrolling the trail twice a week but given what happened just yesterday, they are going to be back out here this morning from 6:00 to 9:00 for added protection. that is the latest here in northeast. back to you. >> thank you. d.c. police are still searching for the gunman who opened fire on a busy street. chaos broke out just before noon yesterday on martin luther king avenue. witnesses say two men were horsing around in front ever a pizza place. then for some rope, one of them left and came back with a gun and shot the victim several times. the gunman took off. the victim is expected to survive. in the debate over raising the debt ceiling, president obama is threatening to veto a republican plan that includes a balanced budget amendment.
5:36 am
house speaker john boehner calls that disappointing. on the other side of the capital, there is momentum building around a senate backup plan. democratic leader harry reid wants the senate to work until there is a deal. republican leader mitch mcconnell wants to let the president raise the debt ceiling on his own. >> we tried to persuade the president of the need for a course correction. but week of negotiations have shown that his commitment to big government is simply too great to lead to the kind of long-term reforms we need. >> we're going to stay in session every day including saturdayed and sundays until congress passes legislation that prevention the united states from detalling on obligations. >> with president obama threatening to street oat house bill, the bipartisan plan from the senate may be the more likely option for solving the debt problem. there are new details in the corruption investigation in prince george's county. carl g r enzau pleaded guilty
5:37 am
to conspiring to commit extortion and income tax evasion. we learned that he and two developers offered state and local officials bribe to help get the business projects approved. it has been months since the last race for governor ended but the controversial over thousands of rob. on calls on he election day just heating up. two people and in a baltimore circuit court yesterday. >> so this is something by ben kiro 7 actual r dism n, o'malley, just to punish people would disagree with what goes on in the democratic party. no law was violated. nothing in that call was not
5:38 am
true. -- so this is something by ben cardin. up next, we explain what is happening in this video. let's check the markets though. down day for wall street continuing to slide. down # 4 points on the dow yesterday. nasdaq off 25. overseas, the trend continued as the nikkei was down in japan. -- down 94 points on the dow yesterday. eon dgome.
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soy there is a new commander in charge in afghanistan. new commander, general john allen is known for helping turn sunni fighters against al-qaeda in iraq. as far as afghanistan, says there are tough days ahead. general david petraeus handed over command of the international forces yesterday. day three of freedom now for casey anthony. still no word on where she is hiding out. one reporter tried to trail her. news choppers followed her to a parking garage where she reportedly switched cars. for the tech sunday time in two weeks, another dust storm in arizona. the wall of dust also known as a haboub hit phoenix yesterday. weather officials say it towered 3,000 feet and wind
5:42 am
gusted up to 40 miles per hour. many in the area were still cheaping up following the giant dust storm on july 5th. soy the end of the nfl lookout could be just days away. up next, we'll check in with the sports youngies for their thoughts. also no day at the beach for these beachgoers. a wave of green slime. we'll explain what this was all about coming up. 
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5:45 am
green sea and sand is coming up after we look at that great picture outside of here in washington, d.c. because it will be hot today. now, less a look at the green sea and sand. that is over in shine actual that is the shoreline of northeastern china. it is cover wade blanket of algae. this is the scene about 400 miles south of beijing. swimmer say it is not just messy, it is smelly. >> but they're still there. >> some people dive in no matter what. evenle kids are helping with the clean-up. >> not what you want for your beach vacation. >> what is going on there? why is it happening? >> we should ask the weather guy that one day. >> oh, great.
5:46 am
>> my parents are actually in china. they said extreme heat. >> that would contribute to that actually. >> that might have been v. something to do -- that might have something to do with that. >> it does. let's take a look at your weather headlines for today. i bet you can guess what it is about. would it be about heat? yes, blazing heat. you've been hearing the reports about what is going on in the plains and midwest and south. that heat is headed east. it will work its way in here during the next couple of days. today, just regular heat. take a look at the current temperatures around the region. right now, we are at 08 degrees here in the district. 80 in d.c. 73 in gaithersburg. win chester, 75.
5:47 am
annapolis is also at 08 degrees. -- winchester, 75. annapolis is also at 80 degrees. 83 in st. louis. minneapolis, 83. many of these areas saw highs of 100 degrees or higher yesterday. we've got some clouds out there this morning. we have haze as well as our huge levels are high. there is some rain falling in western maryland and the way that system is tracking, it is moving to the south and east but it should stay well to the osceola wind southwest of washington, d.c. and the beltway. some of our viewers out to the west may be in leesburg, places like that, front royal. might get some of this coming through later on this morning. we'll keep our eyes on it and see how much of it hangs together as it is making its way southward. the forecast for washington for today looks like this. partly sunny, hot and humid. some afternoon scattered thunderstorms. 94degrees for your high. that is five degrees above
5:48 am
normal. for tonight, another warm night. we'll see overnight clearing but during the evening, some scattered showers and thunderstorms are possible. overnight low about 78 degrees. then for your five-day forecast, another warm day tomorrow to be sure. about 93 degrees under mostly sunny skies. but then, thursday, friday, saturday, right around 100. we may end up taking thursday down to maybe 99 degrees. how about that? 102 on friday. 100 on saturday. then into the 90s on sunday but some very hot, dangerous heat on its way here for the end of the week. that is a look at what is happening with weather. now, let's get an update on traffic from lauren demarco. >> we have a wreck involving a police cruiser and this is expected to be there for some
5:49 am
time at colville road at sligo creek parkway. 340 eastbound at 17 in frederick, your lanes have been reopened. 66 starting to slow out of the man as and again in centerville. thank you very much. the nfl lockout could be over this week. some plays are even being informed they could be ready to hit the practice field in the next company days. plus, the nats are back at 500. joining us now to talk about all things sports, the sports junkies from 106.7 the fan. good morning, fellows. >> what's happening. >> football, it may be back f we can stop talking about soccer and all this other stuff. >> it will be back. i believe the reports now. i didn't before but all of a sudden, overnight, i believe them. i guess this thing will go before the players wednesday, tomorrow, and the owners thursday to ratify. this could be wrapped up
5:50 am
thursday night. i believe the cowboys and browns set to open their camp amazing news. we start seeing guys in pads hitting each other, two a days, that is what everybody wants to see. >> here what is it is time for. i have all of the different free agents that are out there. now, we star the speculation. who are we going after, what position? this is when it gets exciting. >> the doomsday clock on the redskin is about to start ticking. that is the thing. if you listened to our show yesterday, we talked about the women's world cup, the british open but the callers wantedded to talk about the redskins and john beck and what they are going to do at quarterback. >> it looks like eric is getting his fantasy football line-up draft ready for go. do you think anybody will be bitter against the nfl or once they start practicing, it will be game on as usual. >> everything will be forgotten. people will be ready for
5:51 am
football. they will forgive both sides for dragging this labor negotiation out. it won't matter come september. >> i think at the end of date though, the fans don't care. they want to see football but i think you got to give credit to d. smith and roger gudel from the nf almost. they had a lot of money. people couldn't sort of relate to that. there was a real possibility of missing football games here and it looks like it will be avoid. i think both guys should be congratulated. >> the fans don't care as long as there are no games missed. >> let me ask you, who do you like? who should the redskins pick up and who is going to be throwing ball this year? we were talking about it yesterday. anybody but john beck. how about that? >> i agree with you on that. >> i agree 100%. >> i don't know how a guy like john beck who has thrown one touchdown pass in his career and he is almost 30 can lead this team anywhere near the
5:52 am
playoffs. >> it seems like they have to go after a defensive tackle with the uncertain future of albert haynesworth here. they need a nose tax follow that three high pressure four defense. >> there will be a lot of guys that you don't know that they can go after. there will be hundreds of free agents. it will be a frenzy. too many positions. >> that is true. we'll leave it there and talk more football tomorrow. thank you, guys. >> thank you. a grand opening full of pomp and circumstance honoring some very special soldiers. >> up next be a new look and location for d.c.'s african- american civil war museum. stay with us. we'll take you there next. 
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5:55 am
we want to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day. it is amy may. she got married on july 1st and says the best wedding gift would be being named fan ever the day -- fan of the day. >> i don't know if that is the best wedding gift but we'll do our part.
5:56 am
>> congratulations to her. d.c.'s african-american civil war museum has a new face and a new space. >> monday marked the grand opening and karen gray houston gives us a closer look. >> reporter: there was the pomp and circumstance of a fi fe and drum corps and period costumes. the crowd including curator frank smith gathered at the foot of the african civil march memorial. they marched across the street to the new vermont avenue address of the new african- american civil war museum. this year mark the 150th anniversary of the civil war and in case you didn't know it, more than 200,000 black soldier fought in it. these re-enactors were here as reminders looking cool despite the 90-degree heat. >> these guys will march 20, 30
5:57 am
miles a day and you only got one uniform. >> reporter: ron hillyard was appear actor in the film that showed the story. the museum has more than $5 million worth of exhibits including rifles, military documents documents, letters from soldiers and it is inner active. the grand opening program included dozens of city leaders, teachers and scholars and some young students. >> it gives the credit to the african-american veterans. >> reporter: the new museum has seven times the space of old location. the museum mission to tell the nation and the world what black civil war soldiers did to preserve the union and help make america great. karen gray houston, fox 5 news. >> thank you. the final chapter for
5:58 am
borders bookstores. the remaining locations now closing and that reads bad news for thousands of workers. >> coming up at 6:00, we are checking out the business beat. stay with us. ♪
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